Bachelor of Social Work

with Counselling

The Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degree is most suited for entry-level positions in areas such as family services, child welfare, public health, and substance abuse. However, individuals interested in clinical social work often continue their education and obtain a Master of Social Work (MSW).

There are three social work specializations that individuals who graduate with a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) can pursue, and it can be helpful for aspiring social workers to learn about the job duties and outlook for each. A BSW program prepares graduates for a variety of entry-level social worker job. Through field experience and coursework in psychology, sociology, social work practice, and research methods, BSW graduates gain the skills needed to work as child, family, and school social workers; mental health and substance abuse social workers; or healthcare social workers.

It is important to note that a BSW does not prepare graduates for work in all social work specialty areas. For instance, it doesn’t prepare graduates to become clinical social workers, which requires licensure, experience, and a master’s degree.