Diploma in Non-Destructive Testing Courses

Diploma in Non-Destructive Testing

Diploma in Non-Destructive Testing

An NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) Technology course equips individuals with the skills to inspect materials and structures without causing damage. Covering methods like Ultrasonic Testing, Radiographic Testing, and others, the course includes theoretical and hands-on training. Successful completion often leads to certification, enhancing career opportunities in industries such as manufacturing and aerospace. The curriculum emphasizes safety, ethics, and compliance with industry standards.

Course Duration

The course duration is 6 months ( 360 hours ) classroom training covers. 100% placement assistance is our assurance to all students.


Introduction to NDT Principles

  • Fundamentals of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
  • Types and Applications of NDT Methods
  • Basic Principles of Ultrasonic Testing (UT)
  • Introduction to Radiographic Testing (RT)

Advanced NDT Techniques

  • Magnetic Particle Testing (MPT) Principles and Applications
  • Liquid Penetrant Testing (LPT) Techniques
  • Eddy Current Testing (ECT) Fundamentals
  • Visual Testing (VT) Basics and Applications

 Safety and Ethics in NDT

  • NDT Safety Protocols
  • Ethical Considerations in NDT
  • Compliance with Industry Standards and Regulations

Practical Application and Certification

  • Hands-on Training in NDT Techniques
  • Application of NDT in Real-world Scenarios
  • Preparation for NDT Certification
  • Final Projects and Assessments